During hot summer day, misting fan is our best friend to relieves the sweating cause it works on the same as humidifier. The fan sprays a micro mist of water into the air if the air is not humid. This heavy duty misting fan is anti corrosive metal and most powerful. With a high velocity centrifugal that consists of powerful water pump, has a big  tank to hold a water that can be lasts up to 10 hours on high speed on one tank fill. The head also can be oscillating of 90 Degree to cover up a large areas. Adjustable misting flow and heavy duty of caster wheels for easy moving. Ideal to use in an open area like restaurants, sports ground, events, swimming pools, warehouses, factory, green houses, livestock farms and any open outdoor area.

26 Inches Portable Misting Fan

Size: 26 inches
Speed: 3
Misting Volume: 8L/h
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Height: 2m adjustable
Water Tank Capacity: 45L
Continuous Misting: 8H
Coverage Distance: 8m
Oscillating Angle: 90 Degree
Wattage: 35W     


Wall Mount Misting Fan

Area: 30-50 square meters
Speeds: 3 with 90 Degree Oscillation
Tank Capacity: 20L
Power: 150W






Industrial Misting Fan

Power: 25W
Voltage/Frequency: 110-220V
Tank Capacity: 60L
Mist Output: 0-55L/h
Effective Area: 110m3
Spray Effective Distance: 15m





MO Deluxe Misting Fan

Power Supply: 2300V/50Hz
WattageL 230
Noise: 67dBa
Run Time: 15h
Effective Area: 35m2
Weight: 55kg
Mist: 30 microns
Dimensions: 75Lx75Wx210H(cm)


Fog Cannon

Volume Flow: 250L/min
Fog Droplet Size: 350micro meter
Fan Power: 12kW