Air conditioners are the best solution in hot days or even in any types of weather. Portable air conditioners are durable and productive machines that capable of cooling in any application from small to big areas. Handled both air cooled and water cooled portable air conditioners. It is a heavy duty materials and designed to be temporarily cooling during maintenance. We are dealing with the Ac rental in Dubai, or any place within UAE and for purchasing even in outside UAE like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Asian country  and many more specially in Middle East country. Ideal for workshops, warehouse, computer shop, office, supermarkets, hospital, hotel, kitchen and any other industrial ways for temporary air conditioner for rentals.

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Different Types Of Air Conditioners:


Mobile AC

Tonnage: 5.7TR
Cooling Power: 20
Power Supply: 440V/3Ph/50Hz
Max Input Current: 32A
Air Volume: 1800cfm
Dehumidifications: 700L/24hrs
Weight: 370kg
Refrigerant: R410A


Free Standing AC


Tonnage: 5TR
Cooling (BTU/kW): 60,000
Electricity Supply: 440V/3Ph/50Hz
Max Input Current: 27A
Refrigerant: R22
Airflow: 19000m3/h
Weigth (Indoor/Outdoor): 55kg/70kg


Spot AC

Power consumption: 2.4kW
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz
Cooling Capacity: 5250W
Air Volume: 9000m3/h
Refrigerant: R22
Effective Area: 200m2
Weight: 90kg
Dimensions: 560x620x1400mm


Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz
Cooling Power Input: 3A
Airflow: 220m3/h
Volume: 0.07m3
Drain Tank: 4L
Weight: 32kg
Dimensions: 450x260x540mm


Window AC


Tonnage: 1.5TR
Voltage/Frequency: 240V/50Hz
Cooling Capacity: 1800Btu/h
Cooling Power: 2185W
Cooling Current: 10A
Energy Consumption: 2185
Refrigerant: R22/700g
Airflow: 700m3/h
Indoor Weight: 50kg

Wall Mount Split AC


Tonnage: 5Tr
Cooling: 60,000BTU/13kW
Supply: 440V/3Ph/50Hz
Max Input Current: 28A
Refrigerant: R22
Airflow Volume: 19000m3/h
Weigth (Indoor/Outdoor): 54kg/70kg