Evaporative air coolers are the number one leading market of customer’s demand because of its portable and easy to use. Just put the water inside the tank and plug. That’s it and you can enjoy, relax and sit together with your families.
Evaporative cooler is also known as swamp coolers, it is naturally use with soaked pads in order to cool the area. Air coolers moisture in the air in order to create a fresh atmosphere. Stay fresh and cool during summer. This portable air cooler is the most powerful unique design that create for adding decoration of all occasions. Also has a benefit with moisture to comfort you all day long, perfect for using well ventilated rooms and for throwing cold air.


Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz
Airflow: 3000m3/h
Power: 1100W
Fan type: Axial
Water tank capacity: 210L
Weight: 120kg
Noise: 70dBA
Dimensions: 2200x1950x950mm


Airflow: 18000m3/h
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50-60Hz
Power: 720W
Fan Speed: 3
Water Tank Capacity: 100L
Water Consumption: 20L
Weight: 60kg
Dimensions: 1200x650x1520mm



Airflow: 6000m3/h
Voltage/Frequency: 220/50Hz
Power: 200W
Water Tank Capacity: 55L
Fan Speed: 2
Weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 700x450x980mm








Airflow: 18000m3/h
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption: 2kW
Water Consumption: 25L/h
Effective Area: 155m2
Weight: 90kg
Noise: 70dBa
Dimensions: 1200x1200x1100mm


Airflow: 8000m3/h
Voltage/Frequency: 240V/50Hz
Power: 350W
Fan type: Axial
Water tank capacity: 90L
Water consumption: 12L/h
Weight: 35kg
Dimensions: 1500x840x480mm


Airflow: 6000m3/h
Voltage/Frequency: 240V/50-60Hz
Power: 250W
Water tank capacity: 50L
Fan speed: 2
Water consumption: 9L/h
Weight: 25kg
Dimensions: 420x720x1130mm


Airflow: 500m3/h
Voltage/Frequency: 240V/50Hz
Power: 70W
Color: White
Weight: 7kg
Dimensions: 310x325x670mm