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Due to the different needs of the environment and the customer, the use of misting fans is not the same time. Our company in order to meet the needs of our customers we start special rental services to help customers save costs.

Scope of application:

The floor-type Misting fan , hand-held water mist fan, BRT cooling fan or humidification fan are need for variety of places to prevent heatstroke, such as metalworking workshop, mechanical workshop, textile workshop, clothing workshop, printing and dyeing, footwear, plastic Metal, chemical, metallurgy, leather, toys, home appliances, food, school, kitchen, station, sports field, exhibition hall, restaurant, shopping mall, supermarket, casino , Warehouses, laundry, flowers and trees, animal husbandry, mushroom room, office and family and other places.

The Misting Fan have three speed, centrifugal atomization humid cool adjustable, stable performance, air volume, low noise, long life and good spray humidification cooling effect so that the air will cool and produce natural fresh that makes us comfortable. It is very convenient, flexible, user friendly, filled with water tank; turn on the power to boot.


◆ no high pressure fog fast – using the latest centrifugal secondary atomization design technology, effectively ensuring the occurrence of fog particles and Mist effect

◆ no nozzle no clogging – both effective and completely anti-clogging, while Eliminating the maintenance of the complex, just need to gently open the switch to use

◆ anti-dripping cooling fast – the product used in the Expo spray cooling fan, just press the boot motor and it can immediately cool

◆ The maximum power, continuous use of about 5 hours only consume 1 kWh, both are energy saving and environmental protection