Misting Fan


Misting fan using the motor to drive the centrifugal force generated by the turntable and create a tiny droplets, after the hair and other thrust will quickly evaporate the water mist in the air, a large number of water vapor evaporation to absorb heat, the formation of air rapid cooling, air humidity Increase, clean dust and other effects, widely used in industrial commercial agriculture need to adjust the air temperature and humidity indoor and outdoor places.

Our company’s Misting fan, embodies the energy saving, human nature, environmental protection and other characteristics for the electronics, textile, footwear, plastic, mechanical workshop, cigarette factory, office, supermarket, hospital, Waiting room and other environmental ventilation cooling provides a perfect solution.

1, fully environmentally friendly products: it has no compressor, no refrigerant, pollution-free environment-friendly products, which is the use of indoor air evaporation cooling principle and indoor convection ventilation to achieve ventilation and cooling, increase the purpose of humidity.

2, easy to maintain and install: the system is simple, easy to install, maintenance, without professional maintenance personnel.

3, low noise, small vibration

4, misting fan compare to traditional cooling fan can be more effective to increase the environmental humidity, reduce the ambient temperature; and prevent the skin from drying.

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